As a data science consultancy for the public good, we offer state-of-the-art data science services to governments and to candidates for public office who are aligned with our values. We strive to help governments operate better both directly through our data work and through our work to elect leaders who will lead effectively. 

These services include data analysis to inform decisions, statistical modeling, experimental design and analysis, and strategic consulting.

To offer services at the most cost effective rate for our clients we have built a community of vetted world-class volunteer data scientists in addition to our core staff.

Our values:

Take bold action to stop climate change and transform our economy with new energy sources, utilized fairly.

Understand the existence and impact of racial, gender, class, and religious inequalities and implement policies to reverse those.

Champion innovative public education, so our citizens can have the opportunity to learn and be change-makers too.

Foster a government that enables us as a community to take care of those who lack basic human rights like shelter, food, and healthcare.

Support bi-partisan redistricting and election reform.

Recent projects include:

Forecasting COVID-19 cases and deaths for a state government, informing decision makers of the severity of the situation.

Supporting a US Senate primary campaign, creating models to predict which voters were most likely to vote and helping the campaign prioritize who to reach out to for maximum impact.

Experimental design and analysis of voter turnout programs, allowing campaigns to know what strategies worked and what didn't. 

Research into public FEC data to understand what successful campaigns spent money on (and identifying the correlation of spending on data and success).